Together…. Your Partner For Success

Greaves technologies is a full service engineering and R&D (ER&D) and Digital services and solutions supplier partner with extensive experience across the product development life cycle. We are a leader and a trusted partner with a passion for learning.We offer a complete portfolio of services and solutions that address a range of needs, from design, CAE, manufacturing, Supply chain, new product development, supplier development, embedded Systems (HW and SW), and digitalisation. Our technical capabilities and highly skilled and motivated team assure operational excellence at every step of the product development journey.

Greaves Technologies has strategically leveraged group company expertise to expand capabilities, skills and expertise in areas such as rapid prototyping, vehicle and emissions Testing, durability testing and validation, benchmarking, EV Powertrain, and custom manufacturing. Our vast experience and network of technical specialists allows us to offer consulting expertise as value added services to our customers.

Automotive design life cycles are impacted by disruptive technologies, and we at Greaves Technologies adapt very quickly and stay at the forefront. We place a strong emphasis on constant learning, technological development, as well as having the latest knowledge of tools. Greaves Technologies help global organizations in addressing their engineering challenges through a wide range of engineering services and solutions. With unwavering focus, together, we are your partner for success.

As the automotive industry continues to rapidly evolve with the advent of new technologies, we are excited to offer our customers an expanded suite of digital services. Our new offerings leverage cutting-edge technologies to provide a range of services including artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, cybersecurity services, data analytics and visualization, and implementation of SaaS solutions. By integrating digital technologies into our existing engineering services, we can help our customers stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the ever-changing demands of the automotive industry and business in general. Whether you are an existing customer or a new prospect, we look forward to exploring how our digital services can benefit your business.

Our Vision

A Lean, Dynamic, Innovation Fuelled, Technology Driven Global Engineering R&D Services And Solutions Enterprise By 2027.

With innovation at our core, we challenge the status quo and continuously leverage technology for scaling the future and inspiring new possibilities for our customers. As we constantly learn and strive for multi-dimensional growth, we hold ourselves accountable for creating effective processes and delivering positive outcomes that transcend business boundaries. With the ability to engineer change, and with the effective use of technology, we are committed to achieving the very best to help our customers exceed their goals.

Every action of ours, every decision we make, and every interaction with all our stakeholders, is governed by these core values that are ingrained in our DNA.

We are deeply committed to our clients, employees, vendors, and all our stakeholders, doing all that it takes to keep our word, go the extra mile if required and to always stay dependable.

Culture of Learning

We adopt a ‘Think different-act different’ approach to learn, create, and deliver solutions that offer enduring value for our clients.


We strongly believe that relationships are built on trust. We strive to ensure honesty, accountability, transparency, and confidentiality in all our business transactions.


We are governed by a corporate code of conduct that inspires our team to discharge all professional duties promptly and sincerely.


We set the bar high and work diligently to ensure optimal quality, time-to-market, costs, and other benefits that allow our clients to stay competitive and successful.

Our Mission

Developing World Class Talent, Building Customer Centric Long-Term Relationships, Delivering Cutting Edge Technology Services And Solutions, And Giving An Enriching Experience For All Stake Holders

At GTL, we are passionate about creating an enriching experience for all stakeholders, a better and sustainable world for the future of our customers, people, and communities. Being a technology-led engineering organization, we foster a collaborative culture that upholds learning. Our learning drive and a ‘can-do attitude’ enable us to engineer the change. With our people as the driving force, integrity, and fairness as our bedrock, we are committed to constantly innovating to strive for the best solution and customer experience. It is this unyielding passion and unfaltering commitment to excellence that ensures inclusive and sustainable growth. We aim to propel innovation by nurturing fresh talents and strengthening R&D infrastructure.

Our Team

We help businesses elevate their value through technology services.

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