Welcome to Greaves Technologies’ Digital and Cloud Services portfolio for the automotive and engineering industries. As the world becomes more digital and connected, businesses in these industries must adapt to stay ahead of the curve. Our portfolio offers a range of cutting-edge digital and cloud services designed to help businesses increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

We understand the unique needs of the automotive and engineering industries and have developed our portfolio with these needs in mind. Our services include cloud-based manufacturing systems, digital supply chain management, IoT solutions, AI and ML applications, and big data analytics. Cloud-based manufacturing systems provide businesses with the flexibility to scale production up or down as demand changes, allowing them to quickly adapt to market trends. Digital supply chain management enables businesses to track their inventory, reduce waste, and improve efficiency throughout the supply chain.

IoT solutions help businesses collect and analyze real-time data from their products, enabling them to better understand how their products are being used and identify areas for improvement. AI and ML applications can help businesses automate processes, optimize operations, and even predict maintenance needs. Finally, our big data analytics solutions help businesses turn their data into actionable insights, allowing them to make more informed decisions and improve their overall performance.
We are committed to providing the highest quality digital and cloud services to our clients in the automotive and engineering industries. Whether you are a large manufacturer or a small engineering firm, we have the expertise and solutions to help your business succeed in this rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Thank you for considering our Digital and Cloud Services portfolio, and we look forward to working with you to achieve your business goals.
We enable our customers to become smart and innovative enterprises through our expertise in Digital and Cloud Solutions and Services.

SAAS Solutions – Consulting, Implementation, Application Management Services of Salesforce, Infor and Workday .

ERP – SAP, Oracle & MS Dynamics

Artificial Intelligence – Consulting, Scoping, Implementation of Edge AI, Conversational AI

RPA – Consulting, Scoping, Implementation, Support

Analytics – Data Lakes, Data Visualization, SAP XMII

Cloud Technologies – Consulting, Strategy, Migration, Infra Helpdesk, NOC (Network Operations Center)

Cybersecurity & Data Privacy – Scoping, Assessment, Implementation, Audit, Regulatory Compliances, Managed Security Services, SOC (Security Operations Center)

Computer-Aided Design Portfolio

Software utilized includes:
CATIA V5, Unigraphics NX, Pro-E / Creo, Autocad, Solidworks, VIS VSA, and VIS Mockup (digital buck).

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